For this final blog post, it is almost poetic to return to the beginning, and that is exactly what I am going to do. I will be editing our first official history blog post, which is actually the second blog post. My original question read […]

Blog Post 8

For this assignment I chose to use an article from the Cherokee Phoenix newspaper. While reading this i was interested that whenever the text said anything about the Cherokee Council or the Cherokee Committee, the other was sometimes mentioned in conjunction as well. This lead […]

Blog Post 7

Museum Label: This bill for sale is a pre printed document, made for transactions within the State of South Carolina. This particular document details the sale of Chloe, sold by Z.B. Oakes to Elias N. Ball on October 25, 1862 for thirteen hundred dollars. This […]

Blog Post 4

I decided to use the websites in the “D” section. The first one is The title of the page is, “Revising Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination”. At first, the website seemed simple and almost underwhelming. It had a short article about Nat […]

Blog Post 3

Item 1: This first item is an image which depicts the harsh way in which enslaved people were treated. It shows a boy who is wearing a heavy iron collar which is meant to impede ones daily life and cause discomfort. The image also […]

Blog post 9

  <div class=”flourish-embed flourish-chart” data-src=”visualisation/4583687″><script src=””></script></div> For this week’s post I decided to compare the number of freed and enslaved people in each state in 1830. My experience with creating this visualization was very exhausting. At first I had struggled to use any of the […]

Week 6 Data Map

My map: The Dred Scott case  The process of creating this map was hard at first, but became progressively easier. Getting the map to not zoom in so much was first an issue, I didn’t want it to seem like Johnson was born in a […]

Blog Post Two

Question: To what extent is the teaching of history and the perception indoctrinated on our youth affecting their perception of cultural ideologies and differences long term? I would locate primary sources for this question by interviewing teachers in K-12th grade on the curriculum they teach […]


Hello, my name is Austin Moore, I come from the great city of Lapeer Michigan. I am a freshman at Michigan State University studying mechanical engineering. I enjoy playing sports, I will without a doubt beat you in corn hole, yes it is a challenge, […]