Blog Post 9 (It would not show up as a visual for some reason.) The research question I formed was: is there a significant change in the number of free and enslaved people from 1790 to 1820? Flourish was great in taking the data I had to […]

Blog Post 8

For this Voyant blog assignment I chose to pick a source from the North American Slave Database. I was particularly interested in the topic of marriage in relation to slavery. The research question I developed from this is: “What types of restrictions are held between […]

Blog Post 7 Label: One of a pair (2) of silk (satin?) slippers, women’s. Consisting of leather outsole with a 1/2 inch wooden heel; satin upper lined with possible linen or cotton hemmed with a running stitch; no toe box; possible wooden counter covered with the satin […]

Blog Post 4

For this blog post, I chose to review the websites under option D. “Revisiting Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination” This website provided a little bit of information on Nat Turner’s Rebellion in August of 1831. The execution of the website has its strengths […]

Blog Post 3

Source 1: The first source I have chosen is a painting called “Extracting a Chigger”. In this picture, we see a black woman tending to a white man’s chigger on his foot in a tavern. In the background, we can see a white man […]

Blog 2

There was a lot of great material in these readings, making it difficult for us to choose a topic for a research question. I have, however, come to a consensus of what I want mine to be. My research question is : “Why were the […]

Introduction – Grant Middler

My name is Grant Middler. I’m a first year student at Michigan State University, although technically speaking I’m not a freshman. I was apart of the Early College of Macomb in high school, so I already have over sixty college credits under my belt coming […]