Blog #9

In this week’s blog, I am sharing with you all the information of slavery in the united states in the decade of 1810-1820. I have had the opportunity to work with well-recorded data, categorized for easier recognition. My research question: Which state had a greater […]

Blog Post #7

I chose the Artifact known as the Housewife The Housewife was layered with a waterproof canvas containing three inner silk pockets that depicted what almost looked like the First National, Bonnie Blue, and Second National Confederate flags respectively. One of the pockets consisted of […]

Blog Post 6

Learning through Visualization was certainly interesting to work with. I have chosen to make a data map to demonstrate the census related to slavery in the 1840s’. I have tried to include a comparison between the White population and the ‘Non-White’ population who were treated […]

My blog post linking to Omeka

The two Omeka items I created are:         The first one depicts an overseer of slaves holding a whip and beating a slave who is restrained to the ground with chains. A white woman is seen holding […]