Blog Post #9

For my research question, I wanted to analyze the distribution of population and slavery in each state in 1790. I chose 1790 because I thought it would be interesting to examine how widespread slavery was in young America, as it was beginning to organize itself […]

Blog Post #8

For this week’s assignment, I decided to select the theme of religion and pose the research of question of “did people who were enslaved for extremely long periods of time still believe in God?” This question is interesting to me because it calls into question […]

Blog Post #7

I chose the object titled “Badge”: This medal owned by Lt. Col. William H. Stewart commemorates the 20th annual reunion of the United Confederate Veterans on April 26-28, 1910. The medal depicts a torch surrounded by two portraits (the left believed to be Robert […]

Blog Post #4

I decided to review website pair D. The first website is called “Revisiting Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American imagination”(  This website has one header with a simple graphic and a few tabs along the side of the page so you can pick which part […]

Blog Post #3

Source 1: The first item I chose was an image of a recruitment poster from the Civil War era.  It showed a regiment comprised of black men and the caption: “Rally round the flag boys! Rally once again, shouting the Battle Cry of FREEDOM!” […]

Blog Post #2

I found this week’s discussions and the sources we looked at very compelling, and they seemed very indicative of how society viewed the issue of slavery hundreds of years ago, and the mindsets of the people who created those sources. The chapters in Schermerhorn’s book […]