Blog Post #9

For this blog post I thoroughly enjoyed using Flourish which has become my favorite data visualization tool to create interactive graphics. With this software I used the dataset from 1790 – 1850 that you provided in the attached PDF. After analyzing the multiple excel charts I […]

Blog Post 6

Link to my map  The Great Migration took place right after the Civil War, this was the first real transhumance of African Americans from out of the South to communities in the North and West. I believe my geographical map about the historical movement of […]

Week 5 Blog post

 Podcast Questions / Script  1) What are your thoughts on the psychological damage that were being abused by these enslavers? (sexual violence in the slave trade, forced reproduction for profit, sexual exploitation being used as a business)  2) Do you think that the era of […]

Week 4 – Blog #4

(A.1) Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery (NYPL): STRENGTHS:  The historical narrative of the slaves’ experience was well delivered. I enjoyed how the website speaks on the profoundly important difference between the slave mana and women. How the price of the enslaved person […]

Week 3

This is my first link   This is my second link   The first source that I found very interesting is on the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. How the act tremendously devastated an already endangered black community. In the Antebellum South the Fugitive Slave Act of  1850 tremendously […]

Week Two

The “Slow Death and Slavery” readings  emphasize the ongoing mistreatment, persecution, and prejudice behavior towards the black community.This article also sheds light on the legal and political disconnection between the  U.S. law and the ever-changing black community. Throughout the article the reader comes to an […]

Week One: Introduction

Hello to everyone who is reading this blog post. I am a senior at Michigan State studying advertising management with a minor in psychology. A little about me is that I am from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I often get asked the question “why leave Florida […]