Final Blog Assignment :(

As my final blog assignment, I have decided to go back and revisit the narrative mapping we did during week 6. The story map I created, using KnightLab, focused on a few key events that eventually led to abolition in the United States. When I […]

Data Visualization

This week for data visualization, I chose to compare the number of free versus enslaved people in the states during 1850, but also be able to separate each category by male or female. Initially, I was struggling with trying to find data that actually shows […]

Text Analysis

For this week’s technical activity of text analysis, I chose to analyze positive religious experiences from the North American Slave Database. I am very interested in learning about the devotion of enslaved people to God and further learning how their connection to God helps them […]

Museum Label

Object citation from website   Object label: This violin was handed down from slaveholder Elijah Burke to an enslaved man, Jesse Burke. Elijah owned a plantation in Arkansas, Mount Pleasant Plantation and in 1860 before he died, he gave the violin to an enslaved man […]

Comparing Websites

I chose to compare the websites under category B. The first website I looked at was “The Geography of Slavery in Virginia”. This website is used to inform readers through “digital collection[s] of advertisements for runaway and captures slaves and servants [during] the 18th and […]

Omeka Items The first item I chose to create in Omeka was this watercolor painting of a Capoeira scene. The creator of this painting was Augustus Earle. This specific image intrigued me because initially, it looked like it was a scene of two men that were […]

Blog Post 2

This week’s content focused primarily on the history of slavery and the unexplainable treatment towards enslaved people. My previous education of slavery did talk about the violent and incomprehensible treatment of enslaved people, which I am very grateful in knowing. It is beyond important to […]


Hi everyone, my name is Anna Kalil and I am currently a junior here at MSU studying Chemistry. I have gone through a couple major changes, which has definitely altered my future college path. As a freshman I was studying Chemistry, and as a sophomore […]