Final Blog Post

For my final blog post, I decided to revisit the assignment we did on Omeka. I really enjoyed this assignment because it really opened my eyes. I didn’t know that there was a way for me to access such historical photographs and documents. While searching […]

Blog #7

Charleston slave badge from 1801 for Mechanic No.  108. This badge was used in Charleston, South Carolina, the United States, North, and Central America. It is apart of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture collection. This badge is made of copper […]

Blog #5

This reading from this week covered the topic of industrial slavery. When I think of industrial slavery, I think of modern-day slavery. When I say modern-day slavery, I mean working in an industrial factory or for an industrial company for lots of hours although the […]

Blog Post #4

The two websites that I chose to compare were the sites on Frederick Douglas. The first website was the site for the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Southeast Washington, D.C.. It is a musuem of objects, documents and photos of Douglass’ life. This site […]

Blog Post #3 The visual document that I chose was a photograph of Rosa Parks while she attended the March on Washington. This photo caught my attention because although it was in black and white, the photo of her was so clear. What I love so much […]

Blog Post #2

From the first class, I’ve gained more interest in learning more about history. The research question that I have is why was the impact and effect of slavery sugarcoated in the educational system? When I learned about slavery in middle school and college, there wasn’t […]

Blog Post #1

My name is Jasmine. I am a journalism major and a full-time personal trainer. My business is “JASFROMTHEGYM” where I specialize in transforming lives. My business started with me just wanting to become healthier and smaller and led to me being a coach of over […]