Final Blog Post :)

In HST 251, we have focused a lot in the topic of Digital History, a topic that I had never thought about before or even discussed. In Digital History we learned American history while trying out methods used to track and preserve history in a […]

Blog Post 9 :) For this blog post, I decided to analyze how population contrasted between slaves and white men and women in 1820. To do this, I used data from 1820 that showed the amount of people living in certain counties in 1820. This data was mainly […]

Blog Post 8 :)

Research Question: How did the introduction of Christianity influence the lives of Native Americans? Documents: Cherokee Phoenix and Cherokee Phoenix and Indian’s Advocate During Wednesday’s lecture, we talked for a bit about Native American language and how it is endangered. Language has always been an […]

Blog Post 7 :)

Online Link: Museum Label: This document is a receipt for the purchase of a slave in Essex County, Virginia. This transaction occurred in 1826 and the slave was purchased by the head of the Rouzze family plantation, Edward Rouzee, in regard to the death of […]

Week 6 Blog Post :)

Unfortunately, I could not get the link to work, but I somehow managed to copy the map onto this blogpost with its timed loop (all that’s needed is to press the play button)! This loop displays two different topics:1. The amount of female slaves under […]

Blog Post 4 :)

For this blog post, I picked to review the websites The Geography of Slavery in Virginia and Freedom On the Move. Both of these websites display where slaves went when they ran away from their masters and plantations, lets focus on The Geography of Slavery in […]

Introduction :)

Hello, my name is Jayli Husband and I live in Okemos, Michigan. I am a freshman at MSU this year and am pursuing an Environmental Geoscience major with an Environmental Studies and Sustainability minor. My future involves becoming an environmental scientist  that educates and helps […]