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  I really enjoyed the word art that we made. For me, a business major, I am not a great historian but I do enjoy it. I think from my perspective this was a cool idea and was very easy to digest for someone who […]

Blog post 9

                          Research question: What was the proportion of enslaved non-white people to free non-white people in 1790? What different variable could be responsible for the number? I used […]

Blog 8

  For the Voyant blog post I decided to focus on religion during the slave trade. I find it interesting to discuss how religion displayed itself as a large part of culture during this time. To exam how slaver traders and slaves both share faith […]

Blog 7

This is a one sided long piece of paper. This document is an advertisement for a slave auction. 13 slaves were available for auction that day. This is from Alabama at the St. Louis Hotel. The auctioneers name was N. Vignie and this was set […]


I was trying to give a visual to slavery instead of stories and other resources. I also think that through flourish and the census data we were all able to create very interesting pieces of history. I decided to create a map depicting slavery related […]

Blog 4

Blog Post 4: Write a comparative website review of two websites that are paired together below (See the Journal of American History‘s Digital History Review Criteria). Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the website, how the information is presented, and its accessibility for readers.  The […]


Post 1: “Celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia by the Colored People” Most information was available about this source except:  Creator, contributor, format, and identifier. Creating this source was simple and enjoyable for me. It is very interesting to know […]

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Im interested in seeing slavery and the United States painful transition from a new and more truthful prospective. I am interested in researching about how slavery in other countries may have shaped the way Americans perceive and understand the United States period of slavery.  I […]