Blog Post #8 Text Analysis

This week’s blog post was focused on text analysis, so I decided to choose the North American Slave Database to pose a research question. What was the purpose of the so-called “conjure” that some enslaved people practiced? was it for religious purposes or a strategy […]

Blog post 7: Museum Label

Charleston Slave Badge from 1850 for mechanic No.23 Object label: Slave Badges were mandated in 1751, and badge laws soon swept across different cities, especially Charleston, where they were manufactured and sold. These small badges were made of copper, and slaves working in cities […]

Blog Post #6-Mapping

This week, titled “Geospatial Analysis and Mapping,”  I choose to construct a data map using census data and Flourish. We learned how to create both data and narrative maps in the lecture; although the narrative map seemed interesting, I felt like the Data map did […]

Blog Post #3: Omeka items

Visual: The visual piece that I chose from the links in the sources and data set page on the course website was a picture by Richbourg Galliard. This photo depicted a reenactment of a model that had a Bell rack attached to him. The bell […]

Blog Post #2

Over the first two weeks of class, we have read the first two chapters of Schermerhorn’s book as well as discussed two primary sources. Honestly, I have learned more in the past two weeks than I ever had before, in high school my history teacher […]