Final Blog

My post that I want to reflect on is actually one of the first proper blog posts created in this class and because of that I believe that there is much I can do to revise the post considering the skills I used have been […]

Blog Post 8

On Monday of week 8 we went over Miles chapter 3. We spoke about how Clarinda and shoe boots were married in Cherokee terms. It was interesting how Clarinda and Doll were able to look for their similarities through captivity despite being in very different […]

Blog Post 7

“Here is a 410-page hardbound book written by J.H. Van Evrie titled, ‘White Supremacy and Negro Subordination’. It was published in 1860 and its context explains how slavery of the South was a normal condition for slaves. Evrie, the author, uses anthropology and anatomy to […]

Blog Post 6 When deciding where I wanted to focus on I went through the primary sources available to us. After seeing that there was an article on slavery in New York I felt obligated to choose it as this is I was born and have […]

Blog Post 4

We started off showing how both the south and the north would report on the same thing but very differently. For example, with the massacre in northwest Montana, the north said that it was a tragedy but that they trusted the federal government to handle […]

Blog Post 2

The Schermerhorn book talks about the history of slavery. He starts off explaining how slavery was essential at the time and it spread into all aspects of life. It was very interesting how there was a sense of liberty at the time but not liberty […]


Hello, my name is Elliott Greene. I am a junior here at MSU and I am from New York City. I am currently on track to major in being an applied engineer. I am still unsure what I want to fully be when I begin […]