Blog 8

My Research Question: What was it like to learn how to read and write as a slave?   To answer this question I focused on the Literacy section of the North American Slave Database. In this section, I chose to look into the  Life and […]

Blog, week 7

Object Link:   Object Label: Ambrotytpe of Qualls Tibbs holding a musket across his body sitting in a wooden chair. Qualls Tibbas was a 5th Sargent in the 27th US Colored Troops. In a larger scare, Qualls represents the courageous colored troops who fought […]

Blog Post 6, Flourish Mapping

Blog Six: Map Using Flourish   My map:   I just wanted to start off by saying that I really enjoyed doing this blog post. I decided to do the data map using Flourish. After loading in all the data I was kind of […]

Blog 4

I decided to explore the website labeled under the letter “B”.    Website number one:   Strengths: Overall the website is easily navigable. Everything is clearly labeled on the front page. You would be able to find the resources, advertisements, documents, profiles, and exploratory […]

Blog Post Three

Item One – The first item that I decided to do was a letter from Mosby Sheppard to James Monroe warning him of Gabriel’s Conspiracy. This letter was written after two enslaved men, that were owned by Moore, told him of the plans to […]

Blog 2

I think an interesting research question would be:  How did The Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves of 1807, impact the long term goals of abolition?    This is an interesting question for me because I think it would be interesting to explore catalysts of abolition, […]


Hello, my name is Griffin Frendo and I am a computational data science major. This is my second year at MSU. I am from a small town in Metro Detroit called Clawson.  I enjoy everything Detroit and Michigan State sports. Outside of class, I enjoy […]