Blog Post 9

Research Question: Which state had the least slaves?  Building this visualization went pretty smoothly. The PDF really helped! Instead of saving the data and inputting it, however, I transferred it directly from my computer to Flourish because my Mac was being weird. Nevertheless, this worked […]

Blog Post 8

For this week’s blog post, I chose the North American Slave Database for my research question: Did enslaved people have to ask their enslaver before performing this religious sacrament (baptism)?  I thought this question was particularly interesting, especially as a Christian. Baptism is a huge […]

Blog Post 7

The object I chose for this week’s blog post is a box from the American Civil War Museum. “This rectangular box was utilized as a Decoy Jewel Case and was utilized by Lieutenant William M. Witten. Witten was a prisoner of war at Fort […]

Blog Post 6

<div class=”flourish-embed flourish-map” data-src=”visualisation/4272645″><script src=””></script></div> Hello! In my blog post this week, I decided to analyze the amount of Non-White free people per county in 1790. I thought this was super interesting, frankly. It’s so interesting to me learning about the people who were considered […]

Blog Post 5

Hello! This week I did my Podcast on Thomas Jefferson and idolizing figures in our history who did terrible things. Frankly, this is more so me on my soapbox! (; Here is the link I used on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation:

Comparative Website Blog Post

The first website ( I decided to review had a plethora of pros and cons. Regarding weaknesses, I think the overall appearance of the website is very poor. It was slightly compressed on my screen and I didn’t like the overall layout of the home […]

Blog Post 3 For my visual resource, I added a picture of a celebration parade that occurred when the 15th Amendment was passed. I found this source on the Smithsonian website and found it particularly interesting in relation to our class and current election. I was […]

Blog Post #2

These readings have been rather fascinating! It’s intriguing reading about all of the aspects of history that are not taught, and more than that, all of the things that are taught, but in a very diluted, PG way. I suppose what really caught my eye […]