Final Post

I decided to revisit the week seven topic of digital art history and museum labels.  I found that this assignment had many different choices of artifact to choose from and write a label about.  I decided to find a new medium and create a label […]

Flourish blog post

The research question I chose was, “How do slave populations of old and young African Americans compare between men and women in the 1850’s?”.  The data visualization I chose for this research questions data set was, a bar chart.  The chart shows four total columns, […]

Voyant Blog Post

The research question I chose was, “Explain the Slaveholder controlled, religious experience and its effects on slaves in the 1800’s”.  I choose the “North American Slave Narratives” database to find potential documents that would aid in answering this question.  The first document that I decided […]

Label Blog Post

Label:  The Slave tag was a method of organizing and identifying slaves who were then rented by other entities outside of their owner.  The tag is made of copper and stamped with a slave identification number.  The tag comes from Charleston, South Carolina which was […]

Blog post map I choose to create a data map which depicted slavery among teenagers in the 1850’s.  Creating this map provided me with a very interesting visualization of the age demographics of those that were forced into slavery at the time.  Through this map I am […]

Blog Post 4

The two websites that I decided to compare were, The Geography of slavery in Virginia website and the Freedom On the Move website.  The very first thing I noticed when viewing these sites was the massive difference in aesthetics of the website.  The aesthetics of […]

Blog Post 3 The text document I chose to turn into an Omeka item pertains to anti-slavery in the United States.  This speech by Frederick Douglas, a well-known anti-slavery figure in throughout the 1800’s.  This document entails the problems that Frederick Douglass saw with Slavery in America.  […]

Blog Post 2

The research question I would choose would be, “Explain the relationship Thomas Jefferson had to slaves”.  First, I would visit the Library of Congress website to look for specific documents that pertain to Thomas Jefferson and Slavery.  I would then try to locate which articles […]

Introduction-Nick Fee

My name is Nick, I am from Columbus, Ohio and am currently a junior at MSU.  In my free time I enjoy making music/listening to music.  After looking through the course schedule I am most excited about the Podcasting week, as I am a very […]