Final Blog Post

For my final blog post, I am going to revisit my week 6 assignment. I decided to go back to this assignment because I really enjoyed working on the website and it was very fun to use. For this assignment I made a story map […]

Blog Post 8

For the week 8 assignment I decided to choose a newspaper from the Cherokee Phoenix, and Indians Advocate source. I found an interesting article that discussed the abolishment of slavery in certain northern states. I was very fascinated when I learned that many states passed […]

Blog Post 7

Museum Label: This sheet of paper is a large, pre-printed bill of sale with handwritten text on both sides. It describes the mortgage of four enslaved people by former owner George Lynes. The names of the enslaved people are S Bella, L Sally, Ben, and […]

Blog Post 6 For the week 6 assignment I decided to create a story map of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. I felt this is an important topic to research because it shows the significance of the origins of slavery in America. After researching all the different factors […]

Blog Post 4 I have decided to compare the websites in group B. The title of the first website is called The Geography of Slavery in Virginia. At first glance, the website is not very appealing to the viewer’s eye. In my opinion, the home page is […]

Blog Post 3  The visual image that I chose was titled Blow by Blow, illustrated by Stephens, H. Louis. The painting was created between the years of 1860 to 1870 by a form of lithography. The practice of lithography is defined as a style of printing that […]

Blog Post 2

After reading the first chapter in Schermerhorn’s book, I have already gained knowledge and information about the history of slavery in the United States that I previously did not know. Throughout high school I had taken multiple history courses that had touched on the subject […]

Blog 2

During week 2 I gained a lot of knowledge about slavery that I had not previously known. Much of my previous knowledge was obtained in my high school history classes. The lecture videos along with the two chapters from Schermerhorn’s book were great resources. So far […]