Final Blog Post

During the time we had throughout this class week 5 (podcast week) was my favorite yet still my least favorite. I really enjoy the external applications we were able to use (audacity) and how we were able to play around with the audio and edit […]

Data Visualization For my data analysis I decided to do slaves vs freed slaves throughout the U.S. between 1790 and 1860. My data is a primary source and has structured data. The data I collected was a form of received data and was the actual slave […]

Vlog #7

This 35 inch tall 51 inch wide flag was created with wool and cotton. It resembles a confederate flag and was thought to be made in Augusta Depot, Augusta, Georgia, CSA. This flag was carried until the unit had surrendered at Meridian, Mississippi in May […]

Blog #4

I decided to do the “D” websites. The first one is, the title of the website is called “Revising Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination. At first glance the website looks kind of bland, there is much to it with a Home, Portrayals, […]

Blog 3 The first document I chose was created and written by Frederick Douglass. This document states what is wrong about the slavery happening in America. Frederick Douglass was a well known man and an impactful abolitionist, he wrote this speech for the anti-slavery followers. Him […]

Blog #2

During our second week we had learned things I hadn’t been taught before. It was a shock to me to hear how slavery was much worse as I had thought. It was very interesting to get a deeper look in several different view points through […]

Introduction Post

Hello, I’m Cooper Anderson. I am currently a sophomore here at Michigan state and I’m from wixom (walled lake) Michigan. For me I think week 5 looks the most interesting to me because it is podcasts along with communications. This week strikes me the most […]